Ilfracombe Church of England (VC) Junior School


Classroom Technology

Each classroom is fitted with an overhead projector and speaker systems which receives output from PCs and document cameras. In addition to our wired network we have a site-wide Wi-Fi system allowing access to the network and the internet from portable devices such as laptops, iPads and other tablets. Some classes also have Apple TV devices and we are expanded this facility as part of our continued committment to providing access to the latest technology that supports education.

Shared Resources

ICT Suite: We have a purpose built IT suite, with 30 PCs. Each PC consumes a mere 30 watts of power; allowing our suite to run quieter, cooler and with less energy than ever before.

Laptops: Alongside our IT suite, there is also a class set of high specification laptops available for classes or groups to use.

School Hall: The hall is outfitted with a high output projector system, supplied with signals from a multitude of sources. In addition to the dedicated PC (identical to those in our ICT suites), there are extra leads for visiting speakers to connect to. Input signals are controlled and routed by an Extron Presentation Switch. There is also a small Yamaha mixing desk to control the sound levels from the input sources and our stage microphones.

The Internet & Our Network

Network Access: Each student is issued their own login account to access our shared network resources. Using this account they can also save documents and files ready for access from any of our network connected machines.

Wireless: We have expanded our wireless network to now cover the whole school site. There are two networks available to connect to - one secured for school devices only, and another open for visitors and guests.

Internet Safety: Our internet access is tightly controlled using a Smoothwall Firewall in addition to the in-built Microsoft Web Security.


Core Software: Our PCs run Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus.  Our servers are all based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

Security: All staff laptops and memory sticks must be encrypted using Microsoft Bitlocker before connecting to our network. Non-encrypted devices will be refused access. Virus protection is supplied by Microsoft Forefront. & SOPHOS

Educational Packages: We have a large library of educational software that is being updated regularly to maintain pace with curriculum needs.