Ilfracombe Church of England (VC) Junior School

Senior Leadership Team

Catherine Cox - Head Teacher

I hope that our Living and Learning Festival is bigger, better and even more fabulous this year and I believe it will be with such talented children and staff! My favourite children’s book is "Kensuke’s Kingdom." It's an amazing adventure in which a young boy is shipwrecked on an island. Here, he comes into contact with an orang-utan and Kensuke, an honourable, Japanese Doctor and survivor from World War 11. A beautiful connection grows between the three of them as they survive life on the island together. At this moment in time I am proud of learning to play the ukulele. I can now play "Fly to the Moon," "Hallelujah," "Will you love me tomorrow" and "Kum-ba-ya," although Mrs Darke has told me that she does not easily recognise them.



Maggie Foster - Assistant Head Teacher 


One of my favourite children's books is called 'The Whale Song' telling the story of a young girl listening to the music created by the whales out in the ocean. Music is a really important part of my life. I love playing the violin and creating music with every child at our school, singing together and exploring a wide variety of instruments in our amazing music room. I also enjoy being outdoors, walking on the beach and camping with my family. I feel incredibly lucky to live and work in such a beautiful area - something I will never take for granted. 




 Jody Le Bredonchel - Assistant Head Teacher


I'm really looking forward to the possibility of our school team winning the North Devon Tag Rugby festival this year (as well as improving my golf game but this might be a bit harder). I love to read and my favourite book has to be 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes - it has a great twist at the end! I am always proud of how hard the pupils in year 6 work and also whenever my football team wins - Come on you Spurs!






 Emma Craufurd - Teacher - Head of  Year 3 - Assistant Head Teacher

My hopes and dreams are that all the children in my class have a successful and enjoyable time throughout year 4. "The Gruffalo" is my favourite children's book, I love the rhyming couplets! I am a big fan of lots of the books by Julia Donaldson. I am really proud of my successes so far as I have completed a degree and now work in a career that I love! 





Lauren Caller - Teacher - Year 4 Head


My hopes this year are for 4LC to be the best that they can be!

My favourite children's book is most definitely The Jolly Postman. You can have hours of fun with it! I'm also a huge fan of anything written by Roald Dahl.

I'm always so proud of each and every child I work with and to see the journey they embark on through our wonderful school. They really are all superstars!




Matt Newall - Teacher / Year 5 Head








 Amy Le Bredonchel - Teacher - English Lead - Head of Year 6 - Assistant Head Teacher

My hopes and dreams are that every day, the children I work with, and myself, continue to learn to overcome boundaries, strive for new discoveries, become excited by new learning and be inspired by unique experiences. I feel honoured to be able to work with such wonderful children and caring professionals, who do everything to ensure every child's time at our school is memorable, happy and safe.

My favourite book has to be Tolkien's 'The Lord Of The Rings'. I love nothing more than a story that brings alive what a human's imagination can ultimately achieve...with a little help from hobbits?

When I think back over some of my successes, I am always proud of the variety of challenges I have set myself, be it: graduating from university, before qualifying as a teacher from Cambridge University; qualifying as a SCUBA diver instructor; surfing and travelling around the globe; and now even learning to play the ukulele! 



Georgina Stafford - Bursar


I am hoping to make lots of savings on the new solar panels we are having fitted at our home although I am anticipating spending lots of time being cold and in the dark as my husband will no doubt be switching everything off! My favourite children's books were the Famous Five stories by Enid Blyton - George was my childhood heroine! I am very proud of my four children who are all amazing and surprise me all the time with the things that they do and achieve.