Ilfracombe Church of England (VC) Junior School

Special Educational Needs

At Ilfracombe Church of England Junior School, we pride ourselves on being a totally inclusive community – everybody is welcome.

We cater for the needs of all children in our care & support them in every aspect of school life.

Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team meets regularly to review the provision for children ranging from those with specific learning needs, behavioural issues and children who just need a helping hand every so often.

The work of our Pastoral Team in "The Bridge" has been recognised as an example of the good practise at both county level and in local schools. 


A Thank You Letter from Grateful Parents
The letter below was received by our school in November 2016. The names have been removed to protect identities.

Dear staff

We would just like to thank you all so much for all the hard work and effort that you have given our daughter this year. We are so excited that she has achieved so much in just 7 months at your school. You have exceeded all of our expectations - just the fact that she is now able to read and write, when she couldn't even comprehend these skills at the start of her year is amazing - Thank you - you have given us confidence that our daughter can and will prosper in mainstream education.

She is very happy at school for the first time in her life and is actually wanting to go to school (even in the holidays) which tells us how successful your teaching methods are. We are overjoyed at her achievements and extremely proud of her and we can’t thank you enough for this and the new found confidence you have given her. Also the continued support and meetings/updates and involvement as parents has been outstanding and you have helped in many ways.

We would recommend your school to other parents of children with special needs/autism as we have seen the progress and achievements / milestones you have crossed with her in such a short space of time and also the little extras that you do that make school life / lunch / playtime much easier for her to cope with. We are very lucky to have found you and are looking forward to next year and our daughters' future success in the classroom / school.

Many Thanks 


Devon County Council

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND Local Offer)

Devon County Council provide their own support for children aged 0 - 25 with SEND. You can find out more by visiting their website.

Click on this link:-  Devon SEND Local Offer  


Our SEND Team:

Any additional Special Needs support over and above what is being provided by the class teacher is overseen by a team of people:


             Annie Cook         Claire Tanner

              Governor        SEND Specialist









     Dawn Moore    Julia Hunt                Jamie Petrie      

    Pastoral Care Pastoral Care        Pastoral Care








Our SEND Learning Support Assistants

Year 3 SEND Lead LSA's

     Emma Isaac

     Terri Cook


     Sophie Hatch


     Julie Davidson


     Freya Ballantyne



In 2014 we were awarded the Devon Inclusion award at “Enhanced Level” which means that we’ve been recognised as being a school that provides an excellent broad balanced education for all children regardless of ability or need.

This prestigious award recognises the high quality steps that have been implemented to support children’s learning, specifically in literacy and numeracy. All staff at Ilfracombe Junior School observed and assessed children throughout the school, in all aspects of their learning. We then devised and developed cohesive whole school strategies to enhance an awareness of how to scaffold and effectively support all children’s learning.

Parents, teachers and pupils have reported that taking part in the award has been a very positive experience which has enabled us to take a detailed look at what we have in place, share good practise, evaluate and adapt to improve our learning environment. This will continue to be a focus throughout the school as the positive results are clear at every level.


If your child is not making the progress that they are expected to, then their class teacher will meet with you to discuss the way forward and a referral will be made to our SEND team.

Special Educational Needs Information Report (SIR)

The SEN Information Report (PDF)


The Bridge

Here at Ilfracombe Junior School we have “The Bridge” a dedicated space for students and families to discuss any problems, request extra support or have some private time.

Here you will find Dawn Moore and Julia Hunt.

We are here to help children in their learning as well as attaining individual growth and personal development.

Our support is tailored to the child, their learning and wellbeing.

Sometimes for children life can be hard, dealing with developing feelings and learning to take life’s ups and downs can be a challenge, we are here to help.

Dawn and Julia who run the Bridge are driven by their passion, enthusiasm and relentless drive to make a difference for the children and families in Ilfracombe.

Here at “The Bridge” we run a passport system for individual children, this becomes a journey of their life within our school. ‘All About Me’ books accompany the Passport, or can be used separately, filled with memories from within school and out.

Lewis's Story


Pastoral Work in "The Bridge" has been recognised as an example of the good practice at both county level and in local schools.


Ellie Rose's Story