Ilfracombe Church of England (VC) Junior School

The House System

The Houses

We have four houses our students can be assigned to when they join us in year 3:

Challenger - Blue

Discovery            Green

Endeavour - Red

Enterprise - Yellow



Why have a house system?

A house system is a strong way of developing several key skills, abilities and awareness in our pupils, here are just some of the ways it helps:

  • Pupils belong to a team
  • Pupils have opportunities with work with other pupils from all year groups
  • A greater sense of responsibility is developed
  • Pupils develop a healthy awareness of competition & support
  • Pupils gain the opportunity to represent their house in a wide range of events


House Rewards

If any student shows exemplary effort in one of many ways, they will be rewarded with a Star Point. You could earn a star point for:

·  Acts of kindness

· Pupil of the Day

· Star of the Week

· Representing your house or the whole school

· Special achievements

· Volunteering for extra learning/research

· Helping others

We hold house assemblies every half-term where we award certificates to pupils who have collected star points.

There are some large display boards in the main school hall - these are updated with star point totals to show how they are growing. Our house captains (more on these further down!) work together on these boards to produce wonderful displays carrying a special message for the term.


Further Information

Please click on the link below to view our House System Mind Map. 

House System Details (PDF)