Ilfracombe Church of England (VC) Junior School

Our Vision & Values

We want every child in our school to flourish. At Ilfracombe Junior School we place immense value on connecting with the hearts and the minds of our young people, their families, our staff and wider community. We want all members of our school to develop in confidence, resilience and courage and to live life with awareness. By bringing good intention to what we think about, what we do and the things that we say, we believe that every member of our school community has the potential to ‘shine’ brightly.

These are the sparks that light up learning in our school.

Music and performance is at the heart of our school, it lifts our spirits and we pass it on in our smiles and the language that we use. Our enthusiasm is catching. The energy and engagement in lessons is evidence creating a vibrant learning community through the school. By showing an interest in each other we demonstrate our care for each other. Little things matter to us. We open doors for each other and remember the importance of having polite manners. Building rapport with our parents is important to us and we welcome back a constant flow of children from secondary education who want to “check in” with us and share the next stage of their journey.

Our school takes an active part in making our community a better place to live. We put effort into our recycling and use of alternative energy sources. Collaboration is important to us. We share quiet and stillness with each other. We learn from working alongside other schools and are proud of the work we do with our young teachers. We spend time with the older generations who live in the town and gain such pleasure in watching the numbers attending our parent choir grow.

These are some of the things that are important to us and it is from this that our children flourish.

Our Values are an integral part of our school. We aim to teach all pupils the importance of these values and live by them ourselves. They are:

We trust in God; We never give up


We don't envy others; Or boast about ourselves.


We don't believe in 'me first'; And we don't fly off the handle. We have self control.


We take pleasure in the truth; Always looking for the best in each other.


We respect those around us. We show forgiveness and mean it.


We believe in love, because love never fails.

We hope you can support us in our Vision and Values. 


Catherine Cox